Welcome to Knowlo, where innovation meets user needs. Our mission is to transform tooltips into interactive guides, enhancing user interaction within complex applications.

Over the last four months, we’ve been building Knowlo in public, sharing each milestone and challenge. The full story is available on our blog, which you can explore further on this page.

Knowlo is being developed as an open startup, with complete transparency in all our metrics and details, available through our articles and on this page. We believe in an open, collaborative approach to innovation.

Our team, comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs Slobodan Stojanovic, Lav Crnobrnja, and still unseasoned AI CofounderGPT, is united in its commitment to redefine knowledge management and user support.

Knowlo isn’t just about tooltips; it’s about creating a more intuitive and efficient user experience. We invite you to explore our product and see how we’re making digital navigation more accessible and user-friendly.

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