Welcome to Knowlo, the forefront of knowledge management innovation. Brace yourself for a tool that will redefine how knowledge bases are managed, thanks to AI.

The brainchild of seasoned entrepreneurs, Slobodan Stojanovic and Lav Crnobrnja, Knowlo builds on their legacy of successful startups like Cloud Horizon and Vacation Tracker. But this venture includes a unique twist: their co-founder is an AI, CofounderGPT.

Guided by ambitious goals, including reaching $1M in ARR in three years, Knowlo pushes the boundaries of efficiency and innovation.

Joining the journey is the "Side-Hustle Team" - Slobodan, Lav, and CofounderGPT. Together, they're not just building a business, they're crafting an adventure.

Welcome to Knowlo, where we're rewriting the narrative of AI and business.


The Knowlo Team

AI + experienced entrepreneurs